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I'm Ragavan Rajan - Lead Business Improvement, Innovation & Development, having professional experience in SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013, Windows 7, Windows 8, One note, VB Script, Excel and VBA.

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#2

OneNote Essential Tip#2:  Search Text within picture: OneNote allows you to search the text within picture. This is one of the cool way to reduce your day to day workload.  Some times you may want screen shot for your reference but how do I search a specific text from this ? OneNote has provided the …

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Finding Upper Bound and Lower Bound Range from DataSet

Excel Advanced Formula Tricks #2:  How to find the Upper Bound Range and Lower Bound Range from the given data set? Solution:            We can achieve this by using Match Function in Excel. There is no direct way to do this in Excel.  Please watch the video below to achieve this …

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Benefits of OneNote for Beginners

OneNote for beginners

OneNote Beginner Tips #1: How to use OneNote for very first time and the essential benefits:  One place to save all your works There is no need of notepad / large files Auto save option Easy to search  & Manage Easy to sync with Cloud / SkyDrive Alternatively you can watch the below video to …

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Restrict the work area few columns and rows

Excel productivity Tweaks #2:   Restrict the work area few columns and rows: Select the first column you don’t want to see  ( Ex :L Column) Now  press ctrl+shift+right arrow , now right click on the header and then press hide option. Now select the first row you don’t want to see (Ex:18 th row) …

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Hide Send to option / Download a copy option for Visitor Groups:

Hide Send to option / Download a copy for Visitor Groups:   Issue: How do I prevent users from accessing SharePoint file.?  How can I disable or hide Send To Download a copy Or How can I keep my file secret in SharePoint ? Or How do I make the file visible only to owners …

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Windows 7_ Secret Screen Recorder

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks #1:  Windows 7- Secret Screen Recorder One of the most useful utility by windows 7. It’s a pre-build utility definitely useful for people in software field.  PSR.exe ( Problem Steps Recorder) : To get PSR  1) Start > Search > Type  > PSR.exe  Watch the following video for the detailed …

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Excel-Change the order in which you edit cells

Excel productivity Tweaks #1: Change the order in which you edit cells:   We all know that when you hit ENTER on a cell excel usually takes you to the next cell in that column for editing.  If you want to move to next cell while pressing enter.  Go to Tool-> Options->Advanced- > Editing Option..> …

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Excel Advanced Formula Tricks: Min ignore Zero for non-contiguous range

Sub: Min ignore Zero for non-contiguous range   Issue:         How to ignore zero in the min formula for a non-contiguous range ? Solution:   If the above solution is useful please leave your comment below.   

Real Life Fact!!

Real life Fact! Excel is the most powerful tool. What is not possible in Excel?   Start learning Excel from your career beginning.               Don’t know where to start with Excel and VBA ? Don’t worry you have arrived to the correct place. Everything in this page is to help you …

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