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Excel-Change the order in which you edit cells

Excel productivity Tweaks #1: Change the order in which you edit cells:   We all know that when you hit ENTER on a cell excel usually takes you to the next cell in that column for editing.  If you want to move to next cell while pressing enter.  Go to Tool-> Options->Advanced- > Editing Option..> …

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Excel Advanced Formula Tricks: Min ignore Zero for non-contiguous range

Sub: Min ignore Zero for non-contiguous range   Issue:         How to ignore zero in the min formula for a non-contiguous range ? Solution:   If the above solution is useful please leave your comment below.   

Real Life Fact!!

Real life Fact! Excel is the most powerful tool. What is not possible in Excel?   Start learning Excel from your career beginning.               Don’t know where to start with Excel and VBA ? Don’t worry you have arrived to the correct place. Everything in this page is to help you …

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