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I'm Ragavan Rajan - Lead Business Improvement, Innovation & Development, having professional experience in SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013, Windows 7, Windows 8, One note, VB Script, Excel and VBA.

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#1:Connect to Internet Explorer(IE) via VBA

VBA Intermediate:  #1:Connect to Internet Explorer(IE) via VBA Solution:  1. Using Late binding methodology create object of IE and make the visible property as true.  2. Then Navigate to your URL  Benefits:  Automate your day to day work Save your time Increase your productivity Alternatively you can watch my below video for better clarity  If …

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#1:Creating Excel menus using your Sub Routine

#1:Creating Excel menus using your Sub Routine- Excel Intermediate Level Solution:  1. First make sure which Sub Routine you want to add it in a menu  2. Click > File > Options> Customize Ribbon 3. Now from the Right side Panel > Click New Tab and Name it Properly  4. From Choose Commands from drop down …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#8

OneNote Tips and Tricks#8:  Have your Favorite contents on the Go: Solution: Open IE > Choose any of your article > under Command bar > Press the double Shift Icon  Select “Send to OneNote”and choose your notebook  You can find the same functionality in your outlook as well.  Benefits:  Easy to search  Backup your files in OneNote  …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#7

OneNote Tips and Tricks#7:  Attaching a File with Preview: Solution: Click insert > SpreadSheet > Existing Excel spread Sheet  Select your File > then > Select Table or Chart  Live preview will be displayed on the OneNote  Benefits:  You can have the update of the file any time in OneNote  Easy to edit  Save your …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#6

OneNote Tips and Tricks#6:  Convert Images into Text: Solution:  Open Internet Explorer and open any of the page  Press Windows + S together for screen clipping  Drag any of the part and paste in to OneNote  Right Click the image any select “Copy Text from Picture”  Paste it as Text somewhere in your OneNote.  Benefits:  …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#5

OneNote Tips and Tricks#5:  Using Page Template Features: Solution:  To make use of page templates in OneNote Click Insert > Page Templates > And choose your desirable template  Benefits:  Useful for the professionals Time Savings Take better notes Really neat  Alternatively you can watch the below video for better understanding  Please leave your comments below …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#4

OneNote Tips and Tricks#4:  Adding special commands in the quick launch bar: Solution:  Click File > options > Quick Access Toolbar  Select commands not in the ribbon from the drop down Choose your favorite function and add it in to the quick launch bar  Press OK  Benefits: Quickly access the functionality Save your time Alternatively …

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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks #2

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks #2 Multiple selection using check boxes Benefits: To delete or copy more files using check boxes: Very easy to select multiple files No need to hold Ctrl or Shift for your selection  Instructions: Open any folders Click organize> Folder and search options Go to view tab> scroll down to the …

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OneNote Tips and Tricks#3

OneNote Essential Tip#3:  Create your own custom Tags: OneNote allows you to create your own custom tags to make your life easier and stress free environment. One of the best ways to manage your workload Benefits: Easy to search Make your life easier To get better understanding click the below link to watch the video …

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