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It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to my website.

Ragavan Rajan

Ragavan Rajan

I’m Ragavan Rajan working as a Lead Engineer in HCL Technologies Ltd.  My role is to develop new Applications  using SharePoint 2010 / 2013, Excel, VBA and SQL. 

I have designed this website completely for Technology lovers. Some of my talents  in SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2013, Windows 7, Windows 8, Excel and VBA tips and tricks has been posted here. 

I felt it will be really useful for an Excel based application developers.  So Sit back, enjoy and take a look through my world.

Contact address: [email protected]or [email protected]


Behind the scenes: 

Graeme Mudie:


Greame Mudie

Greame Mudie


Behind all my success and talents the only reason was my Boss ( Graeme Mudie) – Head of Sales Tool Innovation- BT ( Currently Retired). I am happy to introduce my boss here who is my role model and inspiration ever and forever.

He is a perfect example of productivity and Innovation using Microsoft platform.

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