Hide Send to option / Download a copy option for Visitor Groups:

Hide Send to option / Download a copy for Visitor Groups:



How do I prevent users from accessing SharePoint file.?  How can I disable or hide

    • Send To

    • Download a copy


How can I keep my file secret in SharePoint ? Or How do I make the file visible only to owners Group.?

What is the benefit?


    •  When you read a file from SharePoint Site using Excel based applications or any other Applications. This will be very  useful


    • Users cannot see the file in SharePoint Site. But they can access the file and data from the Excel based tools. Cool Isn’t it ?


Note:  This is only applicable for Owner / Admin of the Sharepoint Site.



     I bet you need to Search all the day to achieve this.  I have analysed and based on my research, I am here to show you the “NO CODE” solution to solve the above faced problem.

      1. Choose your document Library first.

      2. Click on Library Tab-> Library Permission

      3. Add your users to the visitor Groups ( By default it is read only permission)

      4. Now go to your Document Library again.

      5. Click Site Actions-> Edit Page-> Select your Document Library web Part

      6. Click on the tiny little check box on the top Right hand corner

      7. Select the drop down-> Click Edit web part ->  Go to Advanced

      8. In the Target Audience -> Using people picker dialogue box -> Select your owner group and press Apply> OK

      9. Now go to Page Tab-> Stop Editing.

Alternatively Please watch the video for better clarity 



That’s it Really.


Now if an user logged in to the SharePoint Site and if the user try’s to view the file. It will be completely hidden.


But from Excel based tool or using some automation. File is accessible for visitor Groups.


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