Google Allo-Competitor for Whatsapp?

Google launched a new one this week called Allo. Google actually unveiled Allo (a messaging app) and Duo (a video calling app) at Google I/O in May, but just hours ago, Allo finally made its way to the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android.

“What’s the big deal?” you might ask.

Google Allo – A Real competitor for Whatsapp? 

Ans: It is absolute yes .  In addition to that, it has come up with Google Assistant. This intelligent AI can help answer questions, make plans, share content and more, and all you have to do is type “@google” in any conversation to call it up.

Here is some closer look

Voice Messages

One useful feature in Allo that I haven’t seen many people talking about is voice messaging. Just like with iMessage on iOS, WhatsApp, and many other messaging apps, you can simply press and hold on the microphone icon to record a message to send in a group chat or conversation. You can even send a voice message in your conversation with Google Assistant and the service will automatically analyze the message and present the relevant or requested information.

Search Your Conversations

Sometimes we say things in messages that we need to bring up later, but we can’t quite remember who we said it to. With services such as Google Hangouts, finding a message required you to go through different conversations and scroll around, but with Allo, you can search for a phrase in any conversation and results from all conversations will appear in one place.


Draw On Images

Another useful feature in Allo is the ability to draw on images. You can use this to highlight certain portions of the image or just have some fun with a shot. Unfortunately, this can only be done while uploading an image. To do that, press the “+” button, go to the images section (or camera if you’d like to take a new shot), and select the image.


Download links 

For Android users:

For IOS users:

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