#1:Creating Excel menus using your Sub Routine

#1:Creating Excel menus using your Sub Routine- Excel Intermediate Level


1. First make sure which Sub Routine you want to add it in a menu 

2. Click > File > Options> Customize Ribbon

3. Now from the Right side Panel > Click New Tab and Name it Properly 

4. From Choose Commands from drop down bar > Select Macros and Pick your macro  

5. Now if you press add it will be added to the New Group > Press OK 

6. Your Sub Routine will now appear on the menu 


1. Build your own menus On The Go

2. Easy to execute 

NB: If you send your Excel file to some one they cannot see your menu. 

Alternatively you can watch my below video for better understanding. 

If the video is not visible please click here. 

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