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Select Non Blank cells of ActiveSheet

If you want to replace or select non-blank cells on the particular columns in active sheet, use the below codes: 

  Input: I have selected Non blank cells on the Active Sheet and replaced with 1. Result:

Restrict the work area few columns and rows

Excel productivity Tweaks #2:   Restrict the work area few columns and rows: Select the first column you don’t want to see  ( Ex :L Column) Now  press ctrl+shift+right arrow , now right click on the header and then press hide option. Now select the first row you don’t want to see (Ex:18 th row) …

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Excel-Change the order in which you edit cells

Excel productivity Tweaks #1: Change the order in which you edit cells:   We all know that when you hit ENTER on a cell excel usually takes you to the next cell in that column for editing.  If you want to move to next cell while pressing enter.  Go to Tool-> Options->Advanced- > Editing Option..> …

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