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Feb 07

Select Non Blank cells of ActiveSheet

If you want to replace or select non-blank cells on the particular columns in active sheet, use the below codes: 

  Input: I have selected Non blank cells on the Active Sheet and replaced with 1. Result:

Jan 22

INDEX – MATCH Formula’s Combination

INDEX – MATCH Formula’s Combination VLookup – Searching a value in the left-most column of table array and return value based on column index number.   Combined INDEX MATCH –   formulas work as a right to left lookup, whereas VLOOKUP only works left to right. We can use INDEX MATCH to lookup a value that is …

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Sep 22

VBA – Turn off Auto Filter

Turn off Auto Filter in Active sheet   If ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode Then ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False     Turn off Auto Filter in Table   If Sheet1.ListObjects(“Table1”).ShowAutoFilter = True Then              Sheet1.ListObjects(“Table1”).ShowAutoFilter = False      End If